Sport Association

Welcome Statement

On behalf of our leadership team, our current members, and the members we hope to cultivate, it is a pleasure to welcome you to the FAHPERDS home page for the Sport Association. The Sport Association is committed to providing for its members – students and professionals – access to professionals at the state and national level, top quality programs, and ideas that can be implemented and combined with other FAHPERDS disciplines. This includes important and timely information regarding the current status of our field, legislative initiatives, professional standards and guidelines, online services, information on state and national conferences, networking opportunities, job contacts, and scholarships and awards, to name just a few.

The Sport Association seeks to serve those who serve the sport profession, or those involved in the “business” of sport, whether it be at the high school, recreational, college, or professional level. Although there is no such thing as a “typical” member, we do have a number of members involved in the field of “sport management” or “sport administration”, including college professors and teachers.  We also include sport managers serving in the sport industry as athletic directors, academic advisors, marketing directors, sport information personnel, etc. Of course, we also include coaches and teachers in our Association. To summarize, we welcome and encourage all sport professionals. Our Association is truly inclusive.

Membership and participation are valuable to the Associations’ efforts in continuing to promote the various professions, recruiting new members while retaining the current ones, and enhancing the experience of all we serve. Members can demonstrate their commitment to the Association by writing journal articles, serving on committees, holding office, attending and participating in conferences, and collaborating with other FAHPERDS associations. Involvement with the Sport Association allows its members to share ideas with one another, promote common goals and objectives, enhance communication, and demonstrate tolerance, understanding, and support of others. Therefore, we encourage you to think outside the box regarding Sport, provide feedback regarding areas of interest in sport, and to suggest potential conference topics. Feel free to send your thoughts to Sport Association President Michael Smucker at msmucker@ut.edu.  We look forward to your feedback and hope to have a great year serving you and the constituents of FAHPERDS. Thanks for your interest, and we welcome you into our Association.


The Sport Association is a quasi-autonomous subunit within the Florida Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, Dance, and Sport. The Association is a state-based sport organization with the mission of serving its members through a variety of programs and advocacy efforts that enhance the various disciplines, professionals, and populations served in the areas of health, physical education, recreation, dance, and sport. The purpose of the Sport Association is to foster a variety of important initiatives including but not limited to the following:  conference planning and programming, information sharing of important issues in sport, promotion and selection of the Sport Association Award, and assisting the FAHPERDS Board of Directors as needed on an annual basis.