Educational Leadership Association

Introductory Material
Welcome Statement

On behalf of the leadership team and the members we represent, it is a pleasure to welcome you to FAHPERD’s home page for the Association for Educational Leadership (ELA). The Educational Leadership Association is a quasi-autonomous subunit within the Florida Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, Dance, and Sport. The Association is a state-based higher education organization with the mission of serving its members through a variety of programs and advocacy efforts that enhances the various disciplines, professionals, and populations served in the areas of health, physical education, recreation, dance, and sport. The focus of the Association is to foster a holistic relationship with the Alliance to achieve the purposes and services specific to the areas of health, physical education, recreation, dance, and sport.

The ELA is committed to providing for its members – students and professionals – access to professionals at the state and national level; top quality programs and ideas that can be implemented in health, physical education, recreation, dance, and sport programs; vital information regarding products and services; professional standards and guidelines; online services; information on leadership and national conferences; scholarships and awards and lots more.

Membership and participation is valuable to the Association’s efforts of continuing to promote the various professions, recruit new members and retain current ones, and enhance the experiences of our members. Members demonstrate their commitment to the Association by writing articles in journals; serving on committees; holding office; and attending and participating in conferences. Members understand that growth from professional involvement is critical to enhancing skills, knowledge, and dispositions and promoting a positive image of the various professions and professional organizations such as FAHPERDS and its Educational Leadership Association. Involvement with the Educational Leadership Association allows its members to share ideas with one another, promote common goals and aims, enhance communication and show tolerance, understanding and support of others.

Welcome to the Association where members have an opportunity for successful participation and exposure to establishing and maintaining meaningful relationships with other members of the profession.

Association for Educational Leadership
Procedures and Requirements

The Educational Leadership Association’s responsibility is to secure award nominations for the Educator of the Year and Student of the Year; structure a committee to judge applications and notify those selected. The Association honors annually a FAHPERD Student of the Year and an Educator of the Year.

Student of the Year The Educational Leadership Association honors a FAHPERDS student member annually. Criteria include scholarship, service to the school, community and profession. College professors or others familiar with the students’ academic and service activities make these nominations.

Educator of the Year The Association for Educational Leadership awards annually an exemplary teacher/educator in Physical Education, Health, Dance, and Sport. Districts and local associations are encouraged to submit nominations each year.

The Educational Leadership Association is governed by the following guidelines:

1. The Educational Leadership Association will appoint an awards committee of no less than three FAHPERDS members, who will publicize, receive, and review nominations and determine award recipients. The term of service (TOS) is for 3-5 years, with one committee member rotating off the committee annually. It is the duty of the President of the Association to appoint committee members by November 1 each year. The committee members cannot be officers of the association. Nominations are to come via the web site at (preferred) or by mail to the FAHPERDS office.

2. Association award recipients must be FAHPERDS members for at least 2 consecutive years prior to award presentation. Student award recipients are not included in the two-year requirement.

3. Nomination forms will be sent to the Awards Committee Chair and copied to the Educational Leadership Association’s President or Elect. The committee chair will send Award application forms to nominees, along with a letter explaining the process and timeframes.

4. The Educational Leadership Association’s award must conform to FAHPERDS overall guidelines and categories. It is recommended that awards conform to Southern District’s categories and guidelines.